Homage to Wood

This is a myth about the last of the nymph who lives in the last tree of what was once a joyful forest. Lonely, the nymph one day befriends a little bird.

For a brief period of time, a bubble of joyful play was theirs. But little did they know a storm was brewing. The duo set forth home to avoid the gathering clouds, where the nymph promptly invited her friend, the bird, into her shelter. For some reason, however, despite the nymph’s pleas, the bird refused to enter the tree shelter. Seeing the bird sitting on a nearby branch, the nymph falls asleep.

While sleeping, the bird calls up his other bird friends. Using strange straws, the birds orchestrated a rescue. With the last of their meager strength, they carried the nymph to the meadows.

When the nymph woke up, she found herself surrounded by dead birds, her little friend amongst the dead heap.

She wearily returns home, confused and grieving. To her surprise, she found a broken home. At last she understood, there was no natural storm–her tree, the last of the forest, her home, had been chopped down.

And because the birds gave their lives to save her, she is alive.

And so, you can still see the lines of her face etched in any wooden surfaces all around.

Homage to Wood began as an obsessive painting series, that became digitalized and converted into a performance.

Oil paintings by: Jboncales
Digital art by: Jboncales
Performance by: Laura DeRubeis (as bird)
Melissa Ceisla (as nymph)
Performance music by: Steven Lynch
Performance art installation by: Duff Ramsey
Presented by: Neke Carson at Gershwin Hotel

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