Rubbishriot Unplugged

So on 1/17/11, I hit a brilliant idea. I was living in a friend’s pad in Union Sq while he was adventuring in some crazy festival in Malaysia. I didn’t have my canvass or paint or brush but I really wanted to create something.

So I brained stormed a way to figure out how to be creative without any loot or baggages.

Voila, Jemima Boncales tapped into the creativity of Rubbishriot, who briefly became her alterego.

With the help of some friends and co-conspirators here’s the gist of the project Rubbishriot Unplugged.

Conceptualized by: JBoncales
Performed by: Marceau M., Melanie Debernardis, JBoncales
Photographs and Installations by: Saulius Cajauskas and Jose Antonio Alcayaga III

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