Marceau M. The Madhatter and The Mark Hotel

If you are into glitz and glam, you probably have heard of the The Mark Hotel. Five star hotel in Manhattan, place of residence by some of Hollywood’s Finest Elite stars.
Moi, myself and I, aren’t so into following the trend of coolness, so sometimes I end up in five star places with the most eccentric crowd.
The eccentric crowd on one particular spring day was this guy I picked up from the side of the street name Marceau M. Marceau M. looks like Moliere sans the french moustache. When he gets on a roll, he is unstoppable and ridiculously animated, you just want to throw rotten tomatoes at him. Nothing but rotten tomatoes is appropriate for Marceau, since he converses with highly educated jargon, combined with a certain senselessness and exquisitely refined taste that emulates aristocratic elitism to perfection.
For some reason, he agreed to be my art performance partner (I suspected because he confessed that he wanted to convince me to perform “free love” on the streets with him. He saw Rubbishriot Unplugged as a way to finagle me into becoming a longterm art partner, with the hopes of getting thrown in jail performing overt acts of “free love”…. ).
Meanwhile we performed on top of Delacorte’s Alice in Wonderland, me, as Alice performing tea time with the children, and Marceau coming to life as the madhatter screaming inanities about petroleum to a crowd of very displeased parents. Afterwards, I felt the need to use the restroom.
He says, “you cannot possibly want to use the restroom in the Park! How degoutante!” So he leads me to the most exotic of five star hotels, The Mark Hotel. We walked in to this refined establishment as if we owned the place, and I believe he told the bellboy to hold his dog while he speaks to the manager about his nonexistent luggage.
Shortly thereafter, while I was in the restroom, he gets into a verbal argument with the xtra-large hotel manager. When I returned, they were outside, with Marceau M being pushed out the door without physically being manhandled. So Marceau M, who is rather small, placed his head on this manager’s chest to attempt to push him back inside. The hotel manager has absolutely no idea what to do because according to policy, in order to prevent a lawsuit one must not confront anyone physically. And so the manager says, “you don’t know who I am!” and the Marceau goes: “well, you don’t know who I am!” This scenario and line repetition went on for several minutes until they both noticed my presence. Then in a most ladylike manner, I said, “Excuse us please.”
The Hotel Manager says gallantly, “Mademoiselle, my apologies.”
And off we went, with Marceau sputtering about how rude some people are.
I called Marceau M several weeks later and he tells me he was unable to join me for my other performances because unfortunately he was in jail… most likely, I suspect, on charges of public disturbance or disorderly conduct…I’m curious if he performed acts of “free love” by himself.

by Jboncales performing Rubbishriot Unplugged

April 2011

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….a day in the life of the pizza man???…..

Rubbishriot Productions is working with local talents in the making of a video art–”A day in the life of the pizza man….” to be shown in Mad Mad Media curated pizza themed show.

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This painting has been entered on Artist Wanted: Art Takes Time Square
Please vote for “Wicked Games” to help Rubbishriot Productions win $10,000 and a place in a commemorative artist book.

The process is simple

1. paste this site onto your browser or click on the link:–F1cLM.facebook–F1cLM.facebook

2. Click on the star that says Collect me
3. Sign up with you fb account or sign up in general
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Wicked Games

oil on canvass 5 ft x 4 ft is on show this weekend at
The Carrack Modern Art 111 Parrish St Durham, NC during the Durham Arts Council Spring Sale April 27-30, 2012

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Rubbishriot Productions proposed project to LCAC

Lee County Arts Council is hosting an arts fundraiser inspired by the anecdote of a local woman who single-handedly protested the building of the Railroad Station fearing that her hen will stop laying eggs. Her protest was largely ignored but today the LCAC is organizing an arts fundraiser using that anecdote as the source of inspiration. Rubbishriot Productions proposed to make an art rooster truck to serve as the mascott for the fundraiser and ad for the event.

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QUESTION: What is Aviary Realty About?

ARTIST: AVIARY REALTY is a continuation of our narrative from Homage to Wood. Naturally, when birds rescue our nymph from despair, we provide homes and care for our surviving avian friends. The idea behind Aviary Realty is to conceptualize and dream of an aviary townhouse, an avairy farm, an aviary district or an aviary city in digital form. To inspire a grownup, alternative version of playing with dollhouses. Rubbishriot Productions, in partnership with a Rubbishriot approved artisan can turn this particular nesting dream into reality.

ARTISAN: Man! I don’t wanna build birdhouses!

ARTIST: He actually doesn’t mean that. What he means is that considering his abilities, craftmanship and experience working with airplanes, boats, classic automobiles, architectural restoration, making birdhouses is a tad bit out of the ordinary.

ARTISAN: Yeah, like what she says. Just order your birdhouse from China!

ARTIST: He makes a rather excellent point. Most of the birdhouses are manufactured in China, which counteracts the generous act of providing housing to our avian friends when we recall the environmental and human rights abuse factor. We use materials that have come from the remains of century old houses and each Avian dream house have moss growing, random century old detail that makes the product truly unique. We will gladly translate your Avian dreams into reality as a collector’s item.

ARTISAN TO THE ARTIST: Tell them it’s expensive.

ARTIST: (Rolls her eyes)

(excerpts from the interview is circulated in the local art collective magazines)

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Aviary Realty–Rubbishriot Productions Spring 2012

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Welcome !!

Welcome to Rubbishriot Productions Community.

Over the years, Jemima Boncales and Rubbishriot Productions have been fortunate to work with and colaborate with talented individuals of different artistic genres.

As a thank you, Rubbishriot wants to feature their work in this section.

Please come back to this site to check on what’s going on, what new things Rubbishriot Productions is creating, and what’s happening with our artist friends and community.

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